January 19, 2022

Become a Project Manager Without Prior Experience (Part 1)

What I love about being a project manager is that I have the willpower to plan and execute the whole thing. It's challenging, but I have the ability to make things happen, which is so cool.

Become a Project Manager Without Prior Experience (Part 1)

Another blog post this month, yippee! I told myself that I'd be consistent with my blog and write more content as much as possible. Then, I realized I'd love to share one of my life highlights, becoming a Project Manager. It's one thing that I will always be proud of since it's an uphill climb. As of today, I merely have less than three years of experience. I have a lot of room for improvement, still learning and trying to be better each day, enough with the drama, let me walk you through my journey.

When I graduated with my BSIT degree, tons of career opportunities opened, and I only needed to choose what path I should take. It's incredible to think that my degree will open so many options; choosing BSIT as my college degree was one of my life's best decisions. So what are you waiting for? Get your degree in IT now, just kidding, get a degree that you love!

Becoming a successful Project Manager is one of my dream jobs, but I know it would not be easy to achieve since I didn't have experience at first. What does an IT Project Manager do? "Project managers play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing out projects. They are accountable for the entire project scope, the project team and resources, the project budget, and the success or failure of the project."

It seems fun right, what I love about being a project manager is that I'm involved from start to finish. I have the willpower to plan and execute the whole thing. It's challenging, but I have the ability to make things happen, which is so cool. I can see myself striving for success. No one would like a failed project.

Before I decided to take this path, I also considered some careers. Always do a research before jumping to a conclusion. See below.

1. Software Engineer

This is one of the most in-demand jobs in IT, but I know myself and what I'm capable of. I don't have the skills and passion for programming. I don't get excited about numbers and formulas. Why would I choose something that I don't like?

2. Technical Support

An excellent role if you love debugging, installing, testing, helping people with their IT issues, or maintaining PCs. I love troubleshooting, but I also know my limitations and how far I can go, this job seems a little complex versus what I can do, so I will need to pass.

3. Graphic Designer

Oh yes, If I have the talent and skills for this job, I'll go for it. This career is amusing, as you will have the ability to build, design, implement different layouts and combine colors the way you want to. Unfortunately, back then, I only see purple as the most beautiful color in the world, so it's a big NO.

4. IT Systems Analyst

"A person who uses analysis and design techniques to solve business problems using information technology." I did a lot of research about this role, and I found out that this might be the only job that I know I can handle and will eventually get me to a Project Manager role. That's the only thing I saw at that time, and that's how my journey started.

I accepted reality and told myself that I couldn't get a project manager role right away. There's no easy way in, so I began looking for a Systems Analyst role, and thank God I got accepted on my first try. After that, I didn't bother to explore since I'm so eager to start (I was always in a rush back then, haha!). Also, the compensation for the role is not what I desired (I graduated with honors, that's why I somehow thought highly of myself at that time). Still, I decided that the experience I would earn as a Systems Analyst might get me to my dream job someday, and that's when I started working as a Systems Analyst.


Become a Project Manager Without Prior Experience (Part 2)
Because of the lead role I took, I got multiple project management offers, even if it’s merely less than a year of experience.