August 28, 2023

What a great month it is, August

Just a few days are left in August, and September is around the corner.

What a great month it is, August

August, you're so fun! I have enjoyed August since I have this sense of freedom to go anywhere I want. Listed below are some of this month's highlights that made my heart sing.


I've been driving a lot these days, and I feel stoked but tired at the same time. My emotions can get mixed up while driving, especially when heading somewhere for the first time. I rely on apps for navigation, and when the signal is unreliable, I've run into problems since my navigation skills are terrible. Hahaha! Additionally, I've been caught twice by powerful forces (iykyk), but my negotiation power saved me both times. HAHAHA. Whenever I need to wait, I also sleep in parking lots. I bought a battery-powered fan recently, which is life-changing since I can save gas! I also have self-defense weapons. If someone attempted, I have simulated what I would do several times in my mind. Plus, if I'm lost, I always call my dad, who's like a walking map. I bet my dad always freaks out when he sees me calling. Lol

Cinemalaya 2023

I went to the PICC to watch the 19th edition of Cinemalaya. This was my first long drive, so I was nervous the first time, but I made it and followed my schedule.

Here are the movies I've watched :)

Despite always being wiped out when I get home, I enjoy watching, walking, eating, and then more walking and staying in the car. On my first day, I parked in this vast place that didn't feel safe, so the second time, I tried a different parking spot that felt safe but too far, then I found a place that felt completely safe and near the cinema on my third try. This is unforgettable for me, so I'm writing it down. There's something new every day, and I love it.

Otaku Expo Tanabata Festival 2023

I found an OOTD that will make me feel happy to explore the festival. I want to feel like I belong, haha. It's fun. It's always tempting to join the singing competition, but I know I'm not yet ready. Maybe next time? Lol. My favorite things are always collecting stickers and eating food that makes me happy, so I'm pleased. In addition to my purple shiny talong, I took home a cat carpet that looks so adorable. Overall, it's been awesome! I'll make any anime event fun as long as I make it fun.

Back to School

This gurl needs to interact with people since working from home is monotonous, haha. Therefore, I'm still teaching. Plus, it's better for my soul. To keep my hobbies and work in balance, I only teach at times and schedules I'm comfortable with. :)

Tick, Tick... Boom! Manila

I've always been fascinated by theatre, so now that I'm driving, I can finally go and see a show. I love how theatre people can touch your heart and make you think about life in just a few minutes. Theatre can transport you to different worlds and give you a different perspective. It can make you feel a range of emotions and help you appreciate life. I'm glad I finally got the chance to experience the power of theatre again. It feels so energizing. Oh, it's so good for my health. There's a sense of aliveness, and I want more. I was mesmerized by Khalil Ramos! He was so talented and captivating.

Just a few days are left in August, and September is around the corner. The only thing I've got planned is Hamilton, which I couldn't watch on my birthday since tickets sold out fast. :( But I'm looking forward to what else September holds. I pray it will be a great month!