August 19, 2022

4 Things I've Discovered in Watching Movies Alone


4 Things I've Discovered in Watching Movies Alone

I've been watching a lot of movies at the cinemas this month, and I'd love to share my cinema experience, my discoveries, and how it feels to watch a movie by yourself. #MovieisLife

  1. It teaches so much about Yourself

I don't go out for a movie without a planned schedule. I have this calendar where I organize the time and date for movies I plan to watch. I've recently watched at the cinemas for three straight days, 3-4 movies in a day, and I'm surprisingly exhausted, but it's still worth it! So then I had this crazy aggressive idea to purchase a condominium near the cinemas so that traveling won't be a pain and I won't get weary quickly in case I have to do it again. Fingers crossed, this idea will only stay at the top of my head. Haha!

2. Celebrate Accomplishments

I love movies and feel accomplished whenever I reach the movie's closing credits. I felt the need to celebrate by doing these simple things:

taking a mirror selfie (in the bathroom)
taking Instagram-worthy photos of my movie tickets
and sometimes taking photos of my yummy snacks as souvenirs of my accomplishment.

It feels so G O O D!

3. Appreciate the Little Things

Falling in line to get a ticket, walking into the cinema, sometimes running into the cinema (running late since I ate a lot before the movie starts, haha), finding my fave pop-corn, getting my fave chocolate bar, buying two bottles (500ml each) of water (I love water! haha, even though I always end up worried that I need a bathroom break mid-movie lol)- I've learned to appreciate these little things. These are moments when only the little things matter.

4. Self-love! Solitude is bliss.

Watching movies alone is self-love! When I still have the energy, I explore before the movie starts, having a stroll or choosing where or what I should eat, looking for snacks I feel like eating, and whether there is a coffee I'd like to try, window shopping but ends up purchasing :(. It always felt like an adventure.

For better tracking, I've tagged movies I've watched with self-love in letterboxd. Sometimes, I feel the need to share ideas with someone about the film when it ends, primarily when I've invested emotions in what I've watched, and I need to let it all out. But that's alright since I can manage, though I don't mind if I get to share that with someone someday. :)

Yay, that's it! One of my bucket lists now is to take film studies class. I've read the best way to understand movies is to see them as art and in entertainment form. I'd love to know more about that! I don't desire to be a movie critic, but I think one of the best ways to enjoy movies is if I know more about movies.