May 3, 2024


This is happening, it has happened!


This is happening, it has happened! It was through Your Name (2016) that I found out about RADWIMPS, so I've been following them ever since. The way their music touched me, made me feel alive, and changed my perspective on life. An inspiration in every sense of the word.

When I saw the announcement that they would be performing here, I ran to my dad crying and jumping, he thought something bad had happened. Hahaha! I woke up my sisters and they got mad at me for waking them up. My mom wasn't home then, so I'm guessing she'll get mad because I'm too loud. This is how happy I was when I found out they were coming.

The day I bought the tickets, I was so sad that I didn't get a platinum standing, because that was my plan all along. I was on time, I had my devices ready, but no luck. Later that night, my sister saw a post that they released more platinum tickets, and finally I got them! We were able to secure two tickets for us, my heart is pounding and I'm shouting. It feels so good! Yay!

This blog is about sharing my videos and pictures from the RADWIMPS WORLD TOUR 2024 "THE WAY YOU YAWN, AND THE OUTCRY OF PEACE" in Manila, since it made me so happy. It was something I wanted to remember forever. Since I still wanted to focus on singing my heart out, I just try to capture a glimpse of their performance. Lezzzzzz goooo!!!

May 1st! It's finally concert day. The first thing on the agenda is getting our rad straps! We got there before 1pm.

We got rad straps! What a pretty thing! This is my first time attending a platinum standing concert, this makes me so happy!

After that, we're in line for official merch. Look at my pretty shirt!

We ate at KFC, then waited in line for the fan signing, and we got free stickers.

It's time to get in line to enter the venue, I was told the line would start at 4 pm, but it started earlier than expected, so we're a little behind. Someone gave this to us while we were waiting in line. Look at how cute it is! It's free! Yay!

It was so cute, I wore it right away. Check it out!

We're still alive after falling in line for 3 hours. LOL. Hahaha. When we finally get there, it's still 2 hours until the event starts, so we decided to rest and reserve our energy.

THE TIME HAS COME! Lights go out is the first song.

Followed by Never Ever Ender!

Aaaaaha. I'm listening to Yoji speak live for the first time. We are so ready!!!

Nanoka :) It's my fave right now!

When he sat by the piano, I knew this was the song. My eyes were tearing up and I got goosebumps.

Toaka is so pretty!!! Suzume live is here!

Yoji speaking again :)

It's Katawaredoki. I didn't think I'd hear it live. Trying to capture this, I'm shaking. That's my maarte voice, hahaha. When I heard this for the first time, I knew it had to be my wedding song. I'm sobbing. My heart is happy.

And I knew Sparkle was next, tears still flowing (iyakin) hahaha.

Zenzenzense here we go!

The thought that Nandemonaiya might not be performed broke my heart. I kept asking my sister "what happened to Nandemonaiya?" Then they played it. It was the best feeling!

lin Desu ka? is so fun!

Thank you, RADWIMPS! 🥺 🥺 🥺

Although I didn't capture all the songs, I want to keep these photos and videos forever through this blog. My eyes showed how much I enjoyed this. My heart is so so so happy.