June 9, 2024

There's no place like Japan!

It was the most challenging trip I had ever taken, but it was still one of the best. It is a gem for anime enthusiasts like myself, and I look forward to seeing more of it.

There's no place like Japan!

I am writing a blog about my recent Japan trip since it is one of my dream countries. We visited Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto. I also like to point out that I picked my outfit carefully so I could walk freely but still adhere to the Japanese dress code. This is the Japanese way!

One of the best things about this trip is how relatable everything is, even a small window, the sliding doors, the music, the food, the trees, the houses, the road and buildings, the way people react and speak to one another (the kindest people in the world), the transportation, and even the staircases. The environment is so safe that I feel confident that I can stay or live here even if I am on my own. It feels like I'm living in an anime reality world. The feeling is so overwhelming that I cannot even describe it, I feel as if I belong here, I feel as if I was born to live here (OA), hahahaha.

It makes me want to go back as I write this. Here is my story, thoughts, my favorite photos, and the locations we visited during our trip to Jafun.

At the Airport

My whole family dropped me off at the airport (hindi ako namilit okay hahaha) they just love me so mucho.

Bye-bye, Philippines! Ohh, I have baon (mom's egg sandwich) and this mushroom chicharon I bought from the nail salon. It takes four hours to travel from Manila to Nagoya.

Hello Japan!

First snacks, and had a super late lunch when we arrived at our hotel.

Ghibli Store at Donguri Republic, Nagoya

Our next stop was the Ghibli Store in Nagoya! Take a look at this happy kid (what more if it was the Ghibli Museum? I would cry!).

Then we ate this delicious meji ice cream and oranges for midnight snacks before going to bed. I wore the free sleepwear provided by our hotel (as a Japanese gurlu, char). I feel so cozy and comfortable in it!

Good morning Jafun! This morning's show made me so happy. HAHAHA. We're Japanese people, so noodles for breakfast (char).

It's Day 2! We are about to go to a tour and visit Shirakawa-go and other areas nearby. I bought a pudding from Ministop that I can enjoy on the bus. Oh yeah!

We ate the best beef ever! It was so delicious! We also enjoyed the following street foods (except that one that looks karioka hehe).

In addition, I snapped some pictures of their morning market, food trucks, and other sights that brought joy to my heart.

Hello Shirakawa-go!

Here are a few more pictures from Shirakawa-go.

Hinotori Train

Day 3 is here! We boarded a limited express train to travel to Osaka. The kid is enjoying playing with the automated doors. I had my friends take my video. HAHAHA


Using our Osaka Amazing Pass, we visited Tsutenkaku Tower and Osaka Castle. 2/40 bcoz. HAHAHA. Such fun.

After a long day, it is time for some Dotonbori fun. These are the moments when I am smiling, but deep inside I do not understand what is happening (I'm so tired). LOL.

Dotonbori foods we enjoyed!


Spend almost two hours in line to eat this. Is it delicious? Yes. Is it worth the wait? No.

We went to Universal Studios of Japan on Day 4!

The following are some of my favorite spots.

Nintendo World

I have played this game hihi. It is so sad that I lost my beret hat here.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I rode a thrilling ride inside the Hogwarts castle with my beshie. It was a truly memorable experience for me. What a fun and unique ride. After riding this ride, I became aware of how advanced the technology here in Japan is. I'm in awe! It is an excellent experience if you are a Harry Potter fan, I wasn't, but I had a great time.

Kimetsu no Yaiba XR Ride - Race to Swordsmith Village

This was a ride that made me dizzy, but I found it to be so enjoyable. In this ride, you will be provided with a virtual reality glass and be able to see and feel as if you are on a train, with upper-rank demons trying to kill you, but Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitusu, and Inosuske save the day. What an immersive and engaging experience!

Minion World

Besides the My Hero Academia and Detective Conan stores, there was a four-dimensional show, but I was not able to watch it. There are actually a lot of 4-D live shows that I would really like to watch, but none of my friends are avid fans, and I don't want to make pilit (sad hahaha), and we're also running out of time.

As a movie lover, here are some of my other favorite spots! It was my beshie who took these wonderful solo photographs.

A few more photos from USJ. Thanks beshie!

My favorite USJ photo!

Hey, Shrek! Hey Siri, play Accidentally in Love!


We visited Kyoto on Day 5! As part of our itinerary, we visited Fushimi Inari Taisha and Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. There are five more locations we should visit, but you know how it goes.

I took these random pictures that made me smile. It has always been on my bucket list to watch a movie at the cinema when I travel abroad, and I hope I will be able to do so in the near future.

Supposedly our last night! BWAHAHA. I packed until 4AM, you know. I purchased another luggage in order to fit my entire life in it. I finished a bottle of beer because my beshie is weak (hati daw). HAHAHAHA

The white man also moved for seconds before posting like that after I gave him the coin.

I bought an energy drink since I have two luggages to carry. (I asked 711's service personnel what is the most effective energy drink, and they told me it's MONSTER.) HAHAHA. I also have a beautiful Ippo Makunouchi shirt to show off! (there were also Japanese people who complimented my shirt hihi) I'm ready, I'm Maha.

Then things began to happen. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There are crazy things that can happen when you are not organized and you are a pagod.  (kaya motto ko in life ko yung "a goal without a plan is just a wish.") HAHAHA. In spite of this, I am grateful to these cuties!!!

I also told the whole fambam about it and my mom u know... HAHAHA. That evening, I also bought a dinner that I knew I deserved.

Another day has passed, and we are still alive and fighting.

It is finally time for us to return home! I jumped when I received my boarding pass (as in).

Until next time, Jafun! Hello, Philippines! Thank you Lord!

I have my sweet parents there to pick us up.

And so concludes our trip to Jafun!

In all seriousness, Japan is my favorite of all the countries I visited. How much more would I enjoy it if I had been to Tokyo? Tokyo is on my bucket list! It was the most challenging trip I had ever taken, but it was still one of the best. It is a gem for anime enthusiasts like myself, and I look forward to seeing more of it.

Moreover, I learned four important lessons that I think should be taken into account.

  1. Make sure I take a full week's leave before leaving for an international trip to think through things, I admit that I wasn't "maha ready" on this trip because I was working so hard before leaving. It's all about the money money kasi this 2024. HAHAHA.
  2. A reminder to myself that I am no longer in high school and I am not capable of doing so many things in one day. Our itinerary includes 4-6 locations per day, but in reality we visited only 2-3 locations. LOL.
  3. I had difficulty absorbing each place we visited because we were always running out of time, and at this point in my life I enjoy taking things slowly and taking it all in. I'm not letting this happen again.
  4. In the future, I will not bring two luggage and tell myself that I am Maha. HAHAHA. It's crazy, I'm crazy. Oh, the amount of struggle I had to endure because I had two luggages. This is something I will never do again!  It turns out there's a luggage transfer service!

Even though there were several lessons learned, the experience was nevertheless enjoyable. I will always remember this experience as it was truly unforgettable.

There's no place like Japan, I'll be back! 🇯🇵 ❤️