May 29, 2022

It's Time To Do Something

I do something even if it seems impossible, complicated, and tiring.

It's Time To Do Something

Since 2022 started, I've been focusing on myself, realizing these two critical things. First, self-love is crucial as it leads to a positive mindset and lastly is to try not to waste my time since I'm not getting any younger and start doing something. Below is the list of things I do.

I go out a lot with my friends and family.
I stop assuming things otherwise stated.
I try not to get too deep as it leads to overthinking.
I attempt to watch a minimum of one film every single day, I believe it keeps me alive and keeps me from being dumb, and I intend to watch more, keeping them on my watchlist.
I watch and share anime that fascinates me so people would know how awesome it is, and maybe they will watch it too.
I express myself more, and I think it's going well.
I strive to go back into reading books.
I work with my weaknesses even if it seems like I don't make any progress.
I strive to eat healthily and work out every day.
I make sure that I spend a lot of time with my cat; my cat is cute and keeps my sanity.
I push myself to sleep early every Saturday.
I try to focus and not use my phone for two hours at church.
I keep on learning.
I watch, scan, and proofread news to be aware of what's happening worldwide and share what matters and might be helpful.
I forget things that don't matter, as I've discovered that my brain can't consume so much information.
I try to focus on work only when it's working time so that I can do a lot of things.
I go out by myself and do my work outside once a week to see a different perspective.
I aim to grow and triple my savings account this year.
I remind myself to be kinder and avoid feeling angry when things don't go on my way.
I push myself to pray and read my devotion every morning and before I go to sleep.
I try not to dwell on negative things as it shapes my thoughts.

I do something (pieces of stuff I've mentioned above), even if it seems impossible, complicated, and tiring.

How about you? Are you doing something you desire? Are you trying to reach your goals? Are you getting there? It's time. It's 2022. Let's do something we love, and would make us happy so we won't have any regrets.