January 22, 2024

Finally, I'm Free!

The fact that I'm done feels unreal right now. Oh, well, I'm happy, it's been 7 years in the making, including my life dramas.

Finally, I'm Free!

Finally, I'm free! This is the most accurate word to describe how I feel when submitting hard-bound copies to the Graduate School office. No revisions, no deadlines, no thesis! YAY! It didn't sink in until I colored my hair yesterday. You know what they say, "A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life" char, hahaha. I felt like all the toxicity and bad stuff had gone away. They made up 80% of my thesis- having stickies on everything, coming up with better words whenever I follow up with my panelists, staying up late trying to figure out how to make the most of the revisions I got (with just one panelist!!!), driving to the longest NLEX ever hahaha (for someone at that time who is just learning to drive, it is a challenging first experience but now it's like a walk in the park), selecting tokens that are not too sweet, affordable but appear expensive, printing like a moron (I wasted a lot of paper, ghaaad), going back and forth to school where I usually only spend 5 minutes there, trying to remain positive, otherwise, I may become crazy (Proverbs 4:23!!!).

A few days ago, I asked my dad to help me find an affordable but of high quality copy center. It turned out that there was one near the University of the East Caloocan. It's a bit far from school and home, but it's worth the trip.

It was really nerve-wracking the day of pick-up. I feel everything will turn out wrong and I need to start over. However, I told myself that I did everything I could to prevent such a thing from happening, so there is that small measure of peace. My hard bound copies were just what I expected when I got there. I just have a few comments, but it's okay overall. It was around 2pm at that time. I had a work meeting and needed to run to school before the office closed at 5pm. Getting to school from Caloocan was totally new to me. It was my first time, so my dad drew a sketch for me, since I'm sure I'll get lost. I made it after all the traffic shit! When I got there 30 minutes before closing, I submitted my copies. It wasn't as happy as when I got my hair colored, maybe because I was exhausted. The office told me all I needed to do was wait until my graduation deliberation, which may be in June or September. It doesn't matter to me because being free is what I care about most. As I was getting ready to leave for home, I decided that I wanted a picture with my violet hard-bound copy, so I asked a girl walking near the library to take my picture. I strike a pose that shows I'm free, and that feels great.

The fact that I'm done feels unreal right now. Oh, well, I'm happy, it's been 7 years in the making, including my life dramas. What should I do next? I'll start by watching my pending watchlist, oh and I want to travel, a lot! Lezzzzz gooooo!