July 14, 2022

Embracing Challenges

I've discovered that fighting challenges won't do me any good, but embracing them keeps me emotionally stable.

Embracing Challenges

Here's what I usually do when I approach life challenges

  1. I panic. It's expected because I'm human. There are a lot of activities involved when I'm panicking, and I will not mention them in this blog. Haha!
  2. I'll remember that God is in control, so I'll start praying; though praying calms my nerves, I will still try to make things happen, even if it's far-fetched, so uh-huh, there will always be action from me.
  3. I will engage in research (ensuring I've done my part to overcome these challenges), and when I'm still out of options, I will try to fight them, but this month, I've learned to embrace them. I've discovered that fighting challenges won't do me any good, but embracing them keeps me emotionally stable.

Life challenges as of the moment

  1. Breakouts- I'm so sad. It started in April, and it got worst last month. I remember the first I had was during my first years in college, and it's not that worst compared to my breakouts now. My mom keeps pointing out that it's because I'm not sleeping well, and she's probably right. It might take months to heal, but I'm gradually embracing these blemishes and not dwelling too much.
  2. Working from home- Don't get me wrong, working from home is the best! I'm grateful to work in the comfort of my house. The only downside is the distractions that are getting out of hand. Focusing on work is challenging, and fighting distractions is not good either. I am embracing them to easily see that I'm diverted and slowly avoiding these impediments that distract me from working.
  3. Time- Recently, I felt that time was too fast until I listened to a podcast discussing the two ancient greeks/two different words for the concept of time. One is chronos, the sequential time passing, and the other is kairos, things that happen during that season. The thing here is for us to live kairologically instead of chronologically. Things are not always linear! I recall one of my favorite bible verses from Ecclesiastes 3:11 "There is always a time for everything."
  4. People who over-spiritualize- I observe that most people I know are over-spiritualizing. I grew up in a professing Christian household, so that's a given. When I find it difficult to agree, I think over why they feel and think like that, enabling me to understand. I might have a different point of view, but it's okay because we are all different.
  5. Process- I know that processes need time, but there are circumstances when I run out of patience and tend to make irrational decisions, forgetting the importance of processes. I've come to embrace the premise of it rather than skipping them. There's a reason why God allows processes, and I believe that one of them is to see the beauty of it.

I'm skeptical if this blog makes sense because I'm sleepy now and don't have the strength to rethink, but that's it for today's vidyow.