April 1, 2022

5 Discoveries This Month of March

I'd love to share my discoveries this month of March. It would be listed in no category whatsoever because all of my findings are unexpected!

5 Discoveries This Month of March

I am writing this on a rainy Friday morning while sipping a cup of strong coffee. I've been focusing on myself this month of March, juggling work and my hobbies simultaneously. Realizations keep popping into my head whenever I do something new or observe something I've never seen before, so here we go again, my five discoveries, this month of March! :)

1. It feels so good to be alive, and I never felt this way before

I don't know how to explain exactly what I'm feeling, but all I know is it felt I could surpass any issues that will arise. The feeling where I can make things happen without trying too hard or worrying myself. I feel relaxed and bored in a good way, even when I'm alone. I love life!

2. Moments like this by The Afters

I found my current favorite song, replacing 'we' with 'I,' haha.
This song perfectly resembles what I'm feeling at the moment.

I try to take a breath, thoughts racing through my head
I try to capture it, but a picture can't hold what a heart is feeling I just wanna stop the world from spinning
Slow it all down for a minute so that I can take it in
I can take it in
Here I am on top of the stars
Never thought I'd ever get this far
I live for moments like this
I come alive in moments like this

3. Watching in cinemas alone for the first time, who is she?

I started doing one of the things I love, watching in cinemas! Probably the reason why I feel more alive. #MovieIsLife

This month of March, I dared to watch in cinemas alone! I tried imagining myself doing this before, and it felt teary and sad, but the moment I stepped into the cinemas and finished the movie, I felt empowered and told myself, 'oh yeah, you can do this pala, lezzz gooo watch more.' I enjoy doing it alone so much that I intend to watch all the movies that intrigue me moving forward, though I still need to review my monthly budget. Haha!

4. #selflove

I love myself more today! I never thought that I could love myself more, and yes, it's possible. When you know that you love yourself and learn to take care of yourself, you can also share that love with others (You are blessed if we are friends since I can share love love love, lol).

5. Favorite movies!

Windshield Wiper - I love this, I just love this short film!

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish- Love is a battlefield, yet it's the most the wonderful thing!

I want to eat your Pancreas!- Heartbreaking! This movie made me cry a lot, hmph.